The Namibian members of Senate visited Rwanda

On September 26, 2019 we received a delegation from the National Council (Senate) of Namibia accompanied by some members of Rwanda Parliament standing committee on Economic Development and Finance headed by Hon. Muhongayire Jacqueline.

The purpose of their visit was to learn from best practices by Rwanda in relation with land administration and land use planning, to learn about how we provide land services, policies and regulations that guide the process of low cost houses, etc.

The Namibian members of parliament lead by Hon. P.W. Katamelo discussed with RLMUA officials on how land should efficiently be managed. The Head of Land Administration department Mrs Nishimwe M. Grace and Alexis Rutagengwa, Head of Land Use Planning, surveying & Mapping department presented to the delegation the different tools and ways used from the first land registration up to a modern land administration system and the development of national and district land use plans. After the presentations, they hailed the continued effort made by the Government of Rwanda and decide to take this initiative to their country, Namibia.

The delegation also appreciated the land reform made and put Rwanda on 2nd worldwide and 1st place in Africa in registering property as published by Word Bank recent doing business report.