Kigali, 16th September, 2014 -The Minister of Infrastructure, Honorable James Musoni signed Imihigo/Performance contracts with the board members and the Managing Directors from the Ministry affiliated agencies. The performance contracts contains the strong commitments meant to improve the level of performance, timeliness of service delivery, improvements for infrastructure modernization as the key steps to reach vision 2020 and economic development and poverty eradication strategy(EDPRS II).
In his remarks, Hon. James Musoni urged putting emphasis on making commitments today for a better tomorrow’s infrastructure development as the new pillar of focus and concentration.

He called upon the senior managers to work hard and be result oriented in line with the Ministry mission “ensuring the sustainable development of infrastructure and contribute to economic growth with a view to enhancing the quality of life of the population.”
Renovating and developing the infrastructure is essential if we are to succeed in integrating to improve the quality services and deliverables. “Minister added”.

The set targets if well met will initiate programs to develop, rehabilitate and maintain an efficient and integrated infrastructure development including sustainable roads, better aviation services, sustainable power generation, affordable shelter and urbanization, adequate water and sanitation facilities, railways networks and water transportation which will contribute towards economic development and regional integration.

Signing Mihigo/performance contracts is a vow to deliver improved services each financial year. The performance contracts signed will drive the development of customer focused initiatives and the development of policies and strategies concerning national infrastructure in line with regional integration and harmonization policies with the EAC.