Israel Ambassador to Rwanda visited Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority

On Tuesday, April 5th, 2022, the Director General of Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority Mrs. Espérance Mukamana, in her office, received His Excellency Ambassador of Israel to Rwanda Dr. Ron Adam.

During his short visit, His Excellency Ambassador has been presented the current image of land sector in Rwanda where it embarks strong interventions in both short and long term strategies like National Strategy for Transformation 1 (NST1), National Development Goals (SDGs), National Determined Contributions (NDCs) and vision 2050 towards social economic development.

The Director General also highlighted different key achievements made in land sector in Rwanda including various land reforms which contributed to gender equal land rights between men and women, reduced land disputes, quick service delivery, sustainable land use planning and access to finance which act as major source investment to the community. She also showed the challenges and future plans in the land sector.

HE Ambassador Dr. Ron Adam with RLMUA officials

His Excellency Ambassador praised the effort so far made and he agreed that his country, Israel, through the embassy, will consider major areas of cooperation in land use monitoring and development of paperless land registry.

Israel is one of the countries with advanced technologies in various sectors like agriculture, environment and natural resources sector including land management