Rwanda and DRC signed a 5 - year Cooperation Agreement for exploration of cross-border hydrocarbon resources in Lake Kivu

Rwanda’s Minister for Natural Resource, Vincent Biruta, and the DRC Minister in charge of Hydrocarbons, Aimé Ngoi Mukena Lusa Desiré, have signed a cooperation agreement for the Exploration of Cross-Border hydrocarbon resources and exploitation of common deposits in Lake Kivu. The signing ceremony took place in Serena Kivu Hotel, Rubavu District yesterday on 4 April 2017.

The purpose of this Agreement is to establish a cooperative framework to govern joint petroleum and other potential resources exploration activities and possibly activities for the exploitation of common deposits in Lake Kivu waters including islands and islets.

Rwanda has already started explorations activities in lake Kivu; airborne gravity and magnetic survey data and 2D survey with a total number of 11 lines have been processed and interpreted.

“The preliminary results of the first phase of the exploration shown that there is possibility of petroleum presence in the Lake Kivu and this gives hope to move forward to the next phase, said Vincent Biruta, Minister of Natural Resources. “

The signed agreement will last for 5 years.

Download the full agreement here