7th February 2018 the Government of Rwanda through Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) officially handed over 120 motorcycles to 120 sector land managers (SLMs).

The motorcycles are aimed at facilitating sector land managers with the means of transport to move out of their offices and provide efficient land services to some of the underserved areas especially in rural areas. The motorcycles will improve the mobility of SLMs and ensure they take vital services such as land surveying, notification of sale agreements, registering transfers and monitoring land use directly to the people who need them.

During the official launch held in Special Economic Zone located at Ndera sector, Gasabo district, the Director General of Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority, Esperance Mukamana said that “ these motorcycles will help sector land managers to move from their offices and provide efficient services to Rwandans especial in  rural area; land transactions will be processed on time”.   

They will help to reduce the number of informal transactions and Sector Land Managers will be able to reach as far as possible making awareness and sensitization on land services, she added.

Sarah Metcalf the Head of DFID congratulated the pioneer 120 SLMs who have received motorcycles and encouraged them to use them properly to ensure that they improve land administration service delivery.
Ms Assinath Hanganimana, one of the sector land managers who received a motorcycle, in happiest sound, said that these motorcycles come on the right time, “these motorcycles are answer to our problems because they will help us to reach our client in the easy way. Before we got these motrcycles we had many pending dossiers due to the lack of transport from the sector to the district or from the district to the sectors, but now there will no longer be any delay in following up the dossier”. She made a wish that it would be better if every sector land manager would get a motorcycle; and promised that he who get it will surely take care of it.

Now in 416 sectors of Rwanda, 411 sectors have the sector land managers and among them only 120 sector land managers received motorcycles and the rest will get them depending on the availability of funds as the director general insisted.