On 21st Feb, Mr Wastesson Lennart, Communication Expert, and and Lars Lindgren from #Sweden, The Capacity Development in Land Administration Project team leader in #Rwanda visited Kamonyi District to see how land services are delivered at sector & district level

They first visited Runda sector, received by the sector land manager, Madam Fautine who explained the whole process from the day the client submitted her/his application until she/he gets her/his land title.

After Runda sector, they visited Kamonyi district headquartes, One Stop Center, where they were received by Land Administrator and the GIS Professional who have also explained the normal process of getting land titles, the collaboration between both administration entities (sector and district) regarding the land administration services. They have appreciated the work done and guaranteed the support where it is need.

The government of #Sweden, provides support to #Rwanda in land administration process though its agency, #LANTMATERIET, (click here to know more about it It is responsible for property division in Sweden & also provides society, public sector, trade and industry, and private persons with information on geography. During 5 years in Rwanda, LANTMATERIET will support in land administration activities especially incapacity building.